Improving Care For Veterans

Every Veteran who the VA serves must be treated as the most important veteran to ever be served. Anything less is unacceptable because every veteran who has sworn the oath, worn the uniform, and offered to give the last beat of their heart cannot not be taken for granted. That’s why I support giving veterans the flexibility to choose anytime, anywhere medical care and opened the first-ever office inside the West Palm Beach VA facility to provide on-the-spot support to veterans in our community.  Veterans gave every American their best, and deserve the best care our nation has to offer.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Opening the first-ever Congressional office inside a VA hospital
  • Writing a new law protecting critical veteran’s benefits
  • Expanding Healthcare choice for veterans
  • Increasing access to GI bill benefits
  • Passing a new law to protect whistleblowers and increase accountability at the VA