Strengthening National Security and Rebuilding Our Military

As a former combat soldier based in Afghanistan, I have seen the enemy face to face. I also know the war we are in is not only a war of military force; it is a war of ideology. ISIS seeks to destroy western civilization, and our very way of life.  President Obama’s half-hearted, inconsistent policy failed, which is why we are working to quickly rebuild our military and put our troops on the front line in the best possible position to succeed.

As a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I know we must also work to combat aggression from Iran, North Korea, Russia, and other adversaries who work to undermine global security.  I strongly opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal and commend President Trump for withdrawing from it.  That’s why I’ve voted to institute new sanctions on Iran, as well as North Korea and Russia.  Moreover, Russia’s attempts to sow discord in the American electoral process must not be tolerated and must be met with a strong response to protect the foundation of our democracy.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Passing increased funding to rebuild our military
  • Increasing troop pay
  • Passing new sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea
  • Increasing cooperation between Israel and the United States for missile defense
  • Strongly supporting withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal