Working For Safer Communities

I see my mission in Congress the same way I saw it in the military: keeping Americans safe.  That’s why I’ve made community safety, health, and strength top priorities during my time in Congress.  That means equipping our local law enforcement with the support they need to fight crime, prevent terrorism, reduce gun violence, stop domestic violence, prevent opioid overdose, and much more.  This often takes hard, bipartisan problem solving, but the fact is Members of Congress aren’t elected to just make easy votes.  We must act now to save lives by reducing violence.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Increasing funding for school security
  • Securing $6 billion to combat the opioid epidemic
  • Passing legislation to strengthen background checks
  • Supporting commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence
  • Passing several new laws to prevent sex trafficking and increase support for survivors of domestic violence or other sexual abuse
  • Passing more than 50 bills to combat the opioid epidemic