Meet The Masts

Brianna and I met in Palm Beach Florida in early 2006. Though I did not know her long, I told friends “there is something about that girl, I could marry her.” Fast forward to the end of that year, as I was preparing to relocate to Fort Bragg NC, I proposed to her over pizza in possibly the most unromantic way one could. As we discussed my forthcoming departure I told her “well, we could just get married” and to my joy, she replied “well, we could.” We have been there for each other everyday since, no matter how many miles the military placed between us.

As we went through life as a young couple in the military, we did what we could to live responsibly and within our means. Those first few years we would both take bananas for lunch and have eggs and potatoes nearly every night for dinner in order to save money until we had enough to purchase our own home. Three years later that time came, along with the birth of our oldest son Magnum.

From that moment, no matter what we faced, Brianna and I have always approached life with the perspective that we were now teaching our children how to live through the example we both set.

Today our family has grown. Magnum is now 6 years old, and he has a 4 year old brother Maverick and a 1 year old sister Madalyn, all three of whom are paying us both back for everything we have ever done to our parents.

After retiring from the U.S. Army in 2012, Brianna and I knew that South East Florida was where we wanted to raise our children and today we reside in Fort Pierce FL on Hutchinson Island.