Making Healthcare More Affordable Making Healthcare More Affordable

There’s no doubt the rising cost of healthcare caused by Obamacare has burdened American families and created a massive increase in bureaucracy resulting in less choice.  Unfortunately, the far left’s plan to enact socialized medicine would drastically reduce the quality of care while skyrocketing taxes.  I am fighting to stop that from happening and instead implement a healthcare system founded on the idea that you should have the ultimate freedom to choose the plan that works best for your family.    

Specifically, we need healthcare in the United States that increases choice and enables Americans to choose the doctors and plans that fit their specific needs while still protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions and drastically lowering costs.  That’s why I voted in favor of the American Healthcare Act, which nonpartisan analysts agreed would have decreased individual market premiums.  I also helped successfully eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate tax and extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program for 10 years.   

There’s no doubt we also need to eliminate red tape to speed up the development of life saving cures and drive down costs for prescription drugs.  To that end, I helped pass new legislation to lower prescription drug costs, secured more than $6 billion to combat the opioid epidemic, increased support for Alzheimer’s patients and funded new cancer research.  

Of course, no conversation about healthcare is complete without discussing critical needs for Medicare beneficiaries and veterans.  To learn more about my work on behalf of seniors click here and to learn more about my work on behalf of veterans click here.

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