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April 22, 2024 • Brian Mast

TikTok BANNED. Let’s Talk About It…

China is on a mission to destroy America – through spy balloons, through the purchase of American farmland, and yes, through TikTok.

They do it by forcing TikTok’s Chinese owner – ByteDance – to give them access to U.S.

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April 8, 2024 • Brian Mast

Let’s Talk About It: The Army Corps

2 years ago I passed the Northern Estuaries Restoration Plan – the first ever law to require the Army Corps to develop a plan to fully eliminate harmful discharges to the estuaries.

Today, the Army Corps is refusing to implement the law – willfully refusing to follow the orders given to them by Congress and the President.

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March 26, 2024 • Brian Mast

Let’s Talk About It: Lake Okeechobee

The Army Corps spent $1.5 billion repairing the Herbert Hoover Dike. Yet, nearly as soon as the repairs were complete, discharges to the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee started again.

Now, the Army Corps can’t explain what benefit Florida’s taxpayers got for the $1.5 billion they spent—saying that the repairs will have literally zero impact on the quantity of discharges from Lake Okeechobee. 

Let’s talk about it:

If you’re as outraged by this blatant abuse of tax dollars as I am, sign our petition here to stop the discharges:

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March 22, 2024 • Brian Mast

Let’s Talk About It: Israel

If you pick a fight, you better be prepared to win it.  That’s a lesson I learned fighting in Afghanistan for the U.S. military.

On October 7th, Hamas picked a fight with Israel that they couldn’t win.  Now, Israel is rightfully on a mission to destroy Hamas, and because Hamas knows they can’t win on the battlefield, they’ve turned to a new ally to help them: Democrats in the United States.

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February 22, 2024 • Brian Mast

The Army Corps Spent $1.5 Billion Repairing The Herbert Hoover Dike. Now, They Can’t Explain Why.

Last January, the Army Corps triumphantly announced the completion of an 18-year project to repair the Herbert Hoover Dike around Lake Okeechobee at a total cost to taxpayers of $1.5 billion.

Over the nearly two-decade lifespan of the project, each time the Army Corps came asking for more taxpayer funding, the project was heralded as a necessity that would increase the capacity of Lake Okeechobee by more than a foot—reducing the need for harmful discharges to the coastal estuaries, making communities around the lake safer from flood risk and decreasing the risk of water shortage.

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August 15, 2022 • Brian Mast

I lost two legs serving in Afghanistan. Veterans need you today.

Exactly one year ago today, Joe Biden’s incompetence handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban – abandoning the mission where I lost two legs and part of my hand serving our country.

Joe Biden left Americans behind enemy lines, resulting in the death of U.S.

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August 4, 2022 • Brian Mast

Biden left them dead and abandoned

I left two legs in the deserts of Afghanistan, but what Joe Biden left there one year ago this month was far worse.

In his disastrous withdrawal – which his Administration spent almost zero time planning because they were apparently too busy teaching soldiers Critical Race Theory – it was the dead bodies of our allies that were left behind.

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July 19, 2022 • Brian Mast


Florida’s primary election is coming up on August 23rd and ballots to vote by mail have just been sent to those who requested one.

If you live in Martin, St. Lucie or Palm Beach Counties, you can get information on how to vote here:


If you are not yet registered to vote, the deadline to register in order to be eligible to vote in the primary election is July 25th.

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