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I became a bomb technician because I wanted to save lives and serve a cause greater than myself. I nearly gave my own life for that — I lost both my legs and a finger when a roadside bomb detonated beneath me — and have known more heroes than I can count who died defending others.

I remember the day I was injured — September 19, 2010 — very clearly. What I remember most, though, isn’t the bomb detonating. Instead, it’s hearing my fellow soldiers yelling “EOD is hit, EOD is hit.” In that moment, they didn’t care where I came from, how much money I had or what my political views were. They rushed to my side because we were all fighting for something bigger than ourselves: our country.

I remember them every day that I have the honor to serve in Congress, and it’s because of them and for them that I fight endlessly for America First policies.   

As a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I know we must work to combat aggression from Iran, North Korea, Russia and other adversaries who work to undermine global security.  I strongly opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal and commend President Trump for withdrawing from it.  That’s why I’ve voted to institute new sanctions on Iran, as well as North Korea and Russia.  Moreover, Russia’s attempts to sow discord in the American electoral process must not be tolerated and must be met with a strong response to protect the foundation of our democracy.

I also believe, however, that America’s endless wars must be brought to an end.  Congress has a responsibility to take back the Constitutional authority to declare war and define what our specific objectives are overseas.  We should not be writing a blank check of American taxpayer dollars and sending it overseas.  Our government’s foremost responsibility must always be to our own citizens.

Likewise, we all know our immigration system, illegal and legal, is broken.  For far too long, politicians in Washington haven’t had the will to fix it. For starters, we must secure the border and prevent visa overstays.  We must also reform our legal immigration system to end arbitrary policies that continue to hurt our economy so we can be welcoming to those who want to be in the United States and follow our laws.  The time is long overdue for Congress to lead on this issue by fixing the crisis on the border and strengthening the rule of law.

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