Improving Care for Veterans Improving Care for Veterans

Every veteran who the VA serves must be treated as the most important veteran to ever be served. Anything less is unacceptable because every veteran who has sworn the oath, worn the uniform and offered to give the last beat of their heart cannot be taken for granted. 

As someone who gets my own care through the VA I know that there are many passionate men and women who dedicate their lives to serving veterans.  I also know, unfortunately, that oftentimes veterans do not receive the quality of care that they have earned.  That’s why I support giving veterans the flexibility to choose anytime, anywhere medical care, and I also opened the first-ever office inside a VA facility to provide on-the-spot support to veterans in our community.  

I am also particularly proud of a law that I wrote to protect benefits like nursing home care for veterans.  These benefits were at risk of expiring, but thanks to bipartisan legislation that I wrote and passed, veterans will continue to have access to these services.  During my time in Congress, we’ve also helped pass legislation to increase access to GI bill benefits, protect whistleblowers at the VA and expand healthcare choice. 

The bottom line is that veterans gave every American their best and deserve the best care our nation has to offer in return.  I will continue fighting to make that a reality!

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