Tax Cuts And Jobs Tax Cuts And Jobs

We must fight for working families by expanding opportunities and creating an economic environment that allows for job growth!  

First and foremost, that means cutting taxes so every American can keep more of the money they worked hard to earn.  Far too often politicians in D.C. forget that the dollars they spend are not theirs.  Every dollar spent by the federal government belongs to the American people, and I will keep fighting to return these dollars to where they came from.  That’s why I fought hard to successfully pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which included cutting taxes, increasing the standard deduction and doubling the child tax credit.  I also helped eliminate Obamacare’s costly individual mandate tax.  These tax cuts stimulated the economy and led to more investment. Now, we must continue working to close special interest loopholes and lobbyist-driven deductions while making the individual tax cuts permanent!

The explosive growth of government regulations during the Obama Administration also hurt both economic growth and job creation, and the Biden Administration is repeating these mistakes.  Making life work for families in our community starts with reducing government interference in every-day life, reducing government-imposed costs and increasing individual liberty. 

To that end, our current spending is unsustainable, which is why I’ve voted against irresponsible spending packages and why I believe we must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Every year families and small businesses across the country are forced to set and live by a budget. 46 states are required to have balanced budgets, but the federal government has no such requirement.  As a result, Congress regularly passes budgets that never balance, put us into even more debt and mortgage our children’s future.  I support and have voted in favor of a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to fix this problem, and I’ll keep fighting to get it across the finish line! 

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