I won’t back down in my support for Israel. Here’s why…

I won’t back down in my support for Israel. Here’s why…

When I was at Harvard, my family was accosted by anti-Israel protesters who saw my prosthetic legs and thought I’d be an easy target.

In response, I flew to Israel to support the IDF in their mission to eradicate Hamas.

After the Republican National Convention in 2020, I was confronted by radical liberals in the streets of D.C. (undoubtedly the same who are now lining up in support of Hamas) who thought my prosthetics made me weak.

In response, I doubled down in my efforts to FUND the police and eliminate crime from our streets. In fact, specifically, we passed legislation to overturn D.C.’s defund the police policies.

Last week, this coward thought he could intimidate me in the Halls of Congress:

If the anti-semitic protesters in the Capitol think this is going to do anything but STRENGTHEN our resolve to support Israel, they are sorely mistaken.

I didn’t back down when radical Islamic terrorists blew off my legs, so I certainly won’t back down now.

If you agree, please support my campaign to help us counter these attacks:

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