Biden left them dead and abandoned

I left two legs in the deserts of Afghanistan, but what Joe Biden left there one year ago this month was far worse.

In his disastrous withdrawal – which his Administration spent almost zero time planning because they were apparently too busy teaching soldiers Critical Race Theory – it was the dead bodies of our allies that were left behind.

Whether it was the 13 service members killed by terrorists who Biden let waltz out of jail…

Or the American citizens left behind enemy lines…

Or the allies who risked their lives to help us on the battlefield now facing a death sentence from the Taliban…

Every single tragedy there rests on one man’s shoulders: Joe Biden left them all dead and abandoned.

That’s why – as someone who served and sacrificed there – I am making it a personal mission to get accountability for these Afghanistan failures, and I need a team of dedicated Americans like you to help take back the House ASAP.

You see, Democrats aren’t doing anything to get accountability for these crimes. In fact, Pelosi’s crew is even helping shred evidence about the Afghanistan disaster.  So, our one chance to get accountability for what might be the greatest embarrassment to our military in American history is this November. 

If we blow it, we will never have another opportunity to hold Biden accountable.

With that being said, I’m respectfully asking for any reinforcements you can spare to help Republicans retake the majority. This time of year in the past has been a bit of a “summer slump” for us in terms of fundraising, but with the August 23rd Election in just a few weeks, we can’t afford that right now. We need all hands on deck. 

Please, can I personally count on you to help me with my mission to hold Biden’s feet to the fire for this Afghanistan failure?

Thank you for helping me get accountability for this. In doing so, you are helping me make peace with the fact that a mission that almost killed me was turned into an utter disaster by one of the worst presidents in history.

In service,

SSG Brian Mast, U.S. Army (ret.)

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