Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

While Democrats in DC are singing a song of unity, their actions this week have sent a different message (no surprise there…). 

They have rushed forward with an aggressively radical agenda that includes shutting down construction of the border wall, lifting travel restrictions for terrorist-harboring nations and stopping deportations of illegal immigrants. 

What do all these orders have in common?  They help people from other countries at the expense of American citizens.

And they’re just getting started.  We know what the Pelosi/Schumer Congressional agenda will look like: government-run healthcare, defunding the police, taxpayer funding for their political campaigns and more socialist policies.

We can stop them, but we have to work together.

I will fight for lower taxes, clean water, a secure border, and safe communities. With your help, we will stand up for our shared values.

To succeed, we must oust Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from power, and that means we need resources to compete with the millions that Democrats already have in their campaign coffers.  

We can’t wait until the next election to put the pedal to the metal.  We have to start now.  If you’re with me, will you please make a donation to kickstart our efforts?

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