Pelosi’s Big Scam Exposed

Pelosi’s Big Scam Exposed

To Nancy Pelosi, the pandemic was just an excuse to funnel $1.9 trillion in taxpayer dollars to her special interest allies and far-left agenda. 

While Pelosi touts the $1,400 stimulus checks as a way to help families, the reality is the cost to every taxpayer was a whopping $12,000 that’ll eventually be owed back to the government.  Here’s how the scam works:

FIRST: The government sends you $1,400, but spends another $12,000 on your behalf. 

THEN: In order to pay for all this new spending, they increase taxes. 

FINALLY: The end result is you paying much more back to the government than what they sent you in the first place.

Where is that $12,000 being sent?  Overseas, to Pelosi’s allies and to completely unrelated far-left programs. In fact, only 9% of the bill actually goes directly toward combating coronavirus and just 1% is going toward vaccines. 

Pelosi is yet again trying to mislead the American people into thinking that taking $12,000 from them and sending back $1,400 checks is actually a good deal.

So, how do we stop her?  We need to take back the House from Pelosi. 

That’s what I’m fighting for.  Will you help?

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