Democrats Want To Appoint A Speech Czar

Democrats Want To Appoint A Speech Czar

House Democrats have made it their mission to silence and censor conservative voices, and this week they’ve set their most ambitious goal yet.  It’ll have HUGE implications for the future of free and fair elections in the United States, so we need to act now!!!

Nancy Pelosi’s top priority “H.R. 1,” which the House is voting on this week, would give unelected commissioners increased regulatory control over speech – a fundamental right of American democracy.

In other words, they’re looking to appoint an unelected “Speech Czar” chosen by President Biden with the authority to compel testimony and issue subpoenas to conservatives he disagrees with. 

While claiming that their bill is in the name of “election reform,” what it actually entails is giving unelected bureaucrats in DC more authoritarian control to help the Swamp stay in power and silence the rest of the country.

Instead of using her time as Speaker of the House to help the American people, Nancy Pelosi would rather push to hold onto her power indefinitely – even if she has to subvert fundamental rights of our democracy in the process.

In maybe the most brazen and absurd section of the bill, Nancy Pelosi is actually trying to funnel our taxpayer dollars into her personal political campaign!

If you are as outraged by this as we are, sign the petition to STOP H.R. 1:

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