Service Before Self

Service Before Self

This week my commitment to democracy was questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper.  

I can tell you it is unwavering. I nearly gave my life for our country, and I still would today. I love America, and for all our divide right how there is no country anywhere i would rather be a part of.

I do not want to see us divided!  But that is exactly what Jake Tapper and his allies in the liberal media do when they try to suppress the speech of conservatives. 

Hold us to a high standard, but do not hold us to a double standard! 

To that point, you may have heard me talk before about the importance of “Service Before Self” – it’s a mantra that I don’t take lightly, and it was instilled in me most fervently on one particular occasion a little over ten years ago.

On September 19, 2010, while serving as a bomb technician in the United States Army, a roadside IED detonated directly beneath me while I was clearing a path for my fellow soldiers.

That moment is forever engraved in my memory. Before waking up at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, what I remember most clearly is the sight of my team rushing towards me – directly towards the sound of an explosion – in order to give me the urgent help I needed.

I very nearly lost my life that day, and many heroic men and women have indeed paid the ultimate price while defending others and serving our country. Thankfully, due to the immediate action from my fellow soldiers and the work of skilled surgeons, I was able to overcome losing both legs and a finger from the explosion. By the grace of God, I was able to survive, learn to walk again, and later become a Republican representative for Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

When I speak of “Service Before Self,” I think about incidents like this, and I know my experience is not unique. I think of my team rushing into oncoming danger to help save my life, and I think of the brave soldiers who continue to put their lives on the line everyday for the Stars and Stripes.

I am honored to continue to put “Service Before Self” leadership in action in defense of our Democracy – no matter what Jake Tapper thinks.  I would be humbled if you would join me in the mission to protect America in this new year:

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