Help Elect More Veterans

Help Elect More Veterans

As the only bomb technician on the ground with my assault force each night, it was my job in the Army to ensure that my guys made it to and from each target safe from explosives. It was an inherently dangerous job, but I’ve always believed in serving something greater than oneself, and I truly believe that God put me on this earth to help others.

I was injured on September 19, 2010 when one of these improvised explosive devices detonated beneath me. I remember the way the bomb that tore through my legs rattled my teeth. I didn’t even know if I had teeth left in my mouth because of the concussion from the explosion.

Soon after, however, amid a cloud of dirt and very little moonlight, I could hear the chatter over my radio: EOD (my call sign) was hit. As I lay there, my guys applied tourniquets to both of my legs and my left arm. They moved me quickly across the challenging terrain to the landing zone rendering me one final salute as the helicopter took off. Their selfless acts of courage are the only reason that I am still here today.

This Service Before Self attitude that veterans have is exactly why I’m determined to help elect more conservative, America First veterans to Congress.  

We need more leaders in Washington who have this unwavering commitment to putting America First, and not more Pelosi disciples who believe that this nation is just an “idea” to be exploited for personal gain.

If you agree, please, pitch in to help elect more conservative veteran leaders who will put Service Before Self!

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