I love America and everything it stands for

Here’s the truth: I have no regrets that I lost my legs fighting for the United States of America.

I was proud that I got the chance to serve my country – and that I continue to get that chance as an America First Congressman – because I know that the freedom found here is the envy of every other nation.

We have the freedom to speak our minds, to choose what is best for ourselves and to live our American Dream.

While Joe Biden and his far-left allies might want to change our country to fit their oppressive vision, I’m going to stand proud on my metal legs for the America we know and love. Will you join me today and send a strong message that we love our nation and won’t let it be reshaped by the radicals in Washington?

Here’s another truth, though: right now, Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies are betraying the trust of the American people.  They’re taking away the security, prosperity and freedom that make our country great.

I didn’t fight for America just to see them destroy what so many patriots gave so much for!

If we want to preserve the America that we love, it’s up to us…

Our Country Needs Us! →

Thank you for joining me,

SSG Brian Mast, U.S. Army (ret.)

P.S. – We’re in a fight this year to save our country, and when the stakes are that high, we HAVE to reach our goals! Since the next one is coming up soon, will you rush in any amount you can to make sure we don’t come up short?

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