Manatees need our help!

Florida’s waterways are continuing their rapid deterioration with forces like corrupt elected officials, corporate polluters, and the powerful sugar lobby only making matters worse…

The situation in our lagoon is so bad for manatees right now that wildlife officials have been forced to provide food for them. The natural food source for these manatees – seagrass – is being decimated at a jaw-dropping rate.

We need a permanent solution that improves our waterways instead of putting just another bandage on a gaping wound.

The harsh conditions for manatees is tragic, but only a symptom of a larger problem…

Until we stop the seagrass that they rely on for a food source from being killed off by polluted water, manatees and our entire ecosystem will continue to be at risk!

This is an urgent issue that affects our recreation, our economy and our health… so, I’m not going to stop raising this issue in Congress and in our state until we see REAL, long-lasting change on this front!

If you agree that we need REAL change to keep Florida’s coastal environment clear and healthy once and for all, will you join me in this important fight before things get worse?

Thank you for fighting for clean water,

Brian Mast

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