Our Freedom Of Speech

Our Freedom Of Speech

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, CNN host Jake Tapper last week questioned Congressman Brian Mast’s commitment to defending democracy in America – even after he lost two legs and a finger fighting for our country in Afghanistan.  

That’s his right to do so exactly because heroes like Congressman Mast fight to defend free speech.

But now, liberal voices in Congress, the media and big tech are attempting to silence conservatives.  We can’t let that happen!   

Our Freedom of Speech is something that brave men and women have fought and died for, and it must be preserved now more than ever!

A point that Mr. Tapper might have missed while questioning Brian’s patriotism is that the blessings of democracy don’t just apply to one side of the political aisle. 

Brian proudly served this country, and became a double amputee at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, to protect the rights of ALL Americans, not just those who agree with me. 

That’s the message we should be promoting in this country – not the hateful, divisive vision laid out by Jake Tapper last week. 

He may have a big platform at CNN, but with your support, we can show him and others that everyday Americans favor the First Amendment over their Cancel Culture tactics:

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