Endorsement Alert!

This past year and a half has made it even more clear – the brave police officers who risk their lives every single day deserve to be defended, not defunded.

Too many Democrats have taken a different approach, catering to the demands of the mob, siding with these Antifa anarchists over the men and women who wear the badge. And as a result, streets have burned, innocent Americans have been put in harm’s way, and CHAOS has taken over places like Chicago and Portland!

But I won’t back down from this mob – even when they tried to intimidate me in the streets. I was blown up in combat, so if they thought their tactics would scare me into caving to their demands, they can think again!

Instead, I’ve stood proud on my metal legs for the men and women in law enforcement who selflessly serve our communities. And now, they’ve just recognized that with a big endorsement…

Check out the Florida Fraternal Order of Police backing our campaign below!

You can count on me to always Back The Blue and not be intimidated like the spineless Dems who concede entire city blocks to the woke mob!

And I know that this is one of many reasons why our state and country need more America First Republicans who will stand with police in order to keep our communities safe.

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