Pelosi Docked My Pay

This is officially a constitutional crisis…

Nancy Pelosi just docked my pay for refusing to abide by her unconstitutional mask mandate! Plus, Capitol Police have been ordered to ARREST anybody who doesn’t abide by her authoritarian rules.

To make matters even worse we’re getting CRUSHED by the Democrats. The way things are going it’s sending a message that the American people are just fine with Pelosi’s authoritarian reign.

If America First Republicans don’t respond ASAP, this is going to get worse…fast.

We didn’t come this far just to see our efforts stopped by the Radical Left. We need to finish strong so we have the resources needed to combat Pelosi’s power grab!

I’m fighting to make sure we defend our basic rights here in America before Democrats in DC succeed in trying to usher in the same oppression that people around the world are fighting in places like Cuba!

Nancy Pelosi is using tax dollars on partisan witch hunts, trying to funnel your money automatically into her re-election campaign, and FINING for anyone who disagrees with her stupid, arbitrary rules…

We need to fight to stop her! This is the People’s House, not Pelosi’s House!

I’m not giving up and I hope you won’t either!

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