REJECT Drilling in the Everglades!

In case you haven’t seen it, there have been proposals recently to allow oil drilling projects in the Everglades!

This is something that I wholeheartedly reject.  We can’t allow our waterways to be put in harm’s way as a result of this reckless drilling plan.

That’s why I’m urging the Biden Administration to REJECT these proposals.

Congress has already invested billions of dollars into restoring the Florida Everglades… 

To suddenly jump ship and allow this oil drilling to go through would be putting all of these investments in jeopardy!

For this reason, I need every concerned citizen who believes in protecting our environment here in Florida to join me in saying “NO!” to oil drilling in the Everglades!

Will you answer the call and join this important cause below?

Sign the Petition: Reject Drilling in the Everglades

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