The numbers don’t lie

The numbers don’t lie

Even the DC media is being forced to admit what Joe Biden won’t: there is a full blow crisis at our southern border.

This was from PBS: “you have a White House that is wanting to say that there’s not a crisis at the border, but the numbers don’t lie.”

And then the Associated Press got real: the Biden Administration doesn’t “have a plan at this moment to get this under control.”

Instead of addressing this crisis immediately, like President Trump would have done, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are pushing more amnesty for illegal immigrants!

We can’t let that happen:

Even Texas DEMOCRAT Henry Cuellar called out President Biden for providing “an incentive” for illegal immigration that will put Americans at greater risk for coronavirus!

Even his allies are turning against him, but still he’s refusing to listen to anyone but the radical left that wants open borders and unlimited amnesty.

That’s why we need to be louder to make him hear us! I’m using my platform as an America First Member of Congress to do just that, but I can’t succeed without your help.

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